JOIN US in transforming one of the country's great undiscovered greenways -- a 6.5 mile mixed use trail that links Xavier University through eight local neighborhoods and connects to the Little Miami Bike trail. Help us build a vibrant active community in Cincinnati.


Upcoming Neighborhood Meetings

We will be holding a series of neighborhood meetings to get input on the design of the Wasson Way Trail.  We are seeking input on lighting, fencing, crossings, landscaping, parking, and any additional topics that residents would like to discuss.  The sessions are each designed to focus on a particular neighborhood, to enable a focused conversation about a specific part of the trail. We will provide a brief update about the status of the Wasson Way, explain various options for trail design, and give the attendees an opportunity to ask questions and provide their input.

The next meeting will be:
Date: Tuesday October 28
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Oakley Recreation Center
(3882 Paxton Ave. Located in Hyde Park Plaza next to Remke’s Markets)
Neighborhood Focus: East Hyde Park
(Marburg, Saybrook, Amberson, Pembroke, Brentwood, Bellecrest, Wilshire, Ault Park Ave, Aylesboro, Pape)
Community Vision
Community Visioning Session

On Wednesday Oct 1st, we held our first community meeting to gather input on details of the trail design. Over 50 people gathered at Hyde Park Floral and Garden Center to share their ideas and opinions about the trail. This meeting was targeted to the neighborhoods along Wasson Road and is the first of five community meetings Wasson Way will hold in the upcoming months. We received many new ideas and had collaborative discussions about parking, lighting, privacy, access points, and landscaping. All the ideas shared in person and in writing are being preserved and analyzed. We are grateful for all of the members of the community who attended to contribute their voice, and we look forward to hearing more input at future sessions.

Mt. Lookout Observatory Event
Mt. Lookout Observatory Event

As part of the recent kick-off event for the 100 year anniversary for the East Hyde Park neighborhood, the Wasson Way was invited to set-up a booth and tell residents about the Trail. The East Hyde Park group has some very dramatic plans for their area which incorporate the WW. We are also excited to be working with Mt. Lookout to connect their 6,000 residents to the Trail. It was stepping back in time 100 years to be talking about bikes, the old Observatory, seeing pictures of Hyde Park, East Hyde Park and Mt. Lookout when they were farm fields, and looking through the antique telescope at the rings around Saturn!