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The City of Cincinnati recently purchased 4.1 miles of right-of-way needed to build a portion of the Wasson Way trail. This section runs from Montgomery Road (near Xavier) to Wooster Road in Fairfax. While the purchase of the right of way is complete, funding is still needed for both design and construction of the 4.1 miles of trail. Read below for a progress update for each phase.

While this 4.1 miles is huge milestone, the Wasson Way organization is committed to seeing the full trail is constructed to eventually stretch 7.6 miles from Avondale to Newtown. This will enable trail users to access the Uptown/UC area to the west and to the Little Miami trail to the east.

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Stage 1 Current Project
  • Phases 1-4 are part of the 4.1 miles of right-of-way that is now owned by the City of Cincinnati. The City of Cincinnati has hired MKSK to design the trail and the costs are detailed below. 

  • Stage 2 Future connections
  • Montgomery Road to Avondale – the exact route is in development
  • Wooster Road to Little Miami Trail – the exact route is in development

  • Other Trail Connections
  • Other possible connections via the Cincinnati Connects Trail plan (link to plan)
  • Wooster Road to the existing trails at Armleder Park which also connects to the Lunken Bike trail.

  • Phase 1. (Tamarack Avenue to Madison Road).

    Phase Features: This section runs from Madison Road, near La Rosa's and Busken Bakery, to Tamarack Avenue near Dana Avenue and I-71. While a short section, it connects to Withrow High School, Rookwood Commons and Rookwood Pavilion shopping areas, and many streets in the west Hyde Park area such as Grovedale, Downing, Kendall, Mooney, Burch, Stettinius, Tamarack and Dana.

    Total Length: 0.6 miles

    Update: Construction is set to begin summer of 2017 and expected to be completed by the end of 2017. 

    Design: Download a PDF of the design 

    Phase 2. (Tamarack Avenue to Montgomery Road)

    Phase Features: This part of the Wasson Way extends the trail west across its own bridge above I-71, through a very open nine acre area (a former railroad depot) to Montgomery Road. It promises to be a busy and popular connector between Xavier University, Norwood, Evanston and Hyde Park/Oakley. The bridge above I-71 will be a visible part of the Trail to 100,000 automobiles daily.

    Total Length: 0.7 miles.

    Update: In October of 2016, the City of Cincinnati received a $750,000 Transportation Alternative Grant that will fund a portion of Phase 2 extending Phase 1 over I-71 toward Xavier University. Additional funds are needed for design and construction of this phase.

    Phase 3.  Madison Road to Erie Avenue

    Phase Features: This phase runs east from Madison Road along the heavily traveled Wasson Road, past Hyde Park Plaza, under Marburg Avenue to a ramp that will connect to Erie Avenue. It is likely the most populated part of the entire trail as it passes through Hyde Park, Oakley and the Saybrook area in East Hyde Park.

    Total Length: 1.7 miles.

    Update: Funding is needed for both design and construction of this phase

    Phase 4 - Erie Avenue to Wooster Road

    Phase Features: Showcasing the natural beauty and diversity of the Wasson Way, this phase includes a number of bridges and through Ault Park. Users will cross the old wooden trestle in Ault Park and the 400' long, century old railroad trestle above Duck Creek and Red Bank Road before connecting to Wooster Road. This bridge will be an incredible highlight of the Wasson Way.

    Total Length: 1.1 miles

    Update: Funding is needed for both design and construction of this phase.